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Mini Body Serum
Mini Body Serum
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Uni Dispenser

from $28
Single Uni Dispenser Designed for 375ml 12.4 fl oz
Single Uni Dispense, Exfoliating hand wash, 375 ml 12.4 fl oz
Single Uni Dispenser Designed for 375ml 12.4 fl oz, 24 Hour Body Serum, 375 ml 12.4 fl oz

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Uni Dispenser

from $28

Thoughtfully designed to pair with any uni. product. Reducing our need for single-use plastic. 

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But I could tell the difference right away—the formula is potent enough to make your hands feel squeaky clean, but after you wipe them dry on a towel, it feels like you also applied hand lotion. I've been using hand lotion at night a lot less now, because the skin on my hands is so soft all the time.

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You know what's better than a body serum that leaves your skin hydrated? A body serum that leaves your skin hydrated for 24 hours. Cue Uni's 24-Hour Serum, which is made with a unique marine complex (Tasmanian sea kelp, bladderwrack seaweed, etc.) that'll ward off dryness for a full day and vitamin C-rich Australian kakadu plum, which boosts collagen production and improves skin elasticity with consistent use.The most impressive part, however, is the fact that it can be used on the face in addition to the body, making it a great option for rushed mornings.

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As I’ve used the products over the past few weeks I’ve found myself gravitating more and more towards their more subtle scents — the body serum especially has become a new favorite...The dispensers are satisfying to use, the pump system is incredibly easy to put together, and overall, the line feels thoughtfully designed while leaving my skin feeling soft and hydrated.

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Blue Beauty

Setting the new standard.
Skin, land & reef safe.
Our goal is to leave no trace.

Designed For You. Made For The Planet.

Your Purchase Will Restore Reefs

1/3rd of single use plastics that end up in our ocean and landfill come from personal care industry. We wanted to create a zero waste solution that not only reduce single us plastic waste but also ensures that our products don’t cause any harm to us or our water ways. Which is why Uni is the first Reef Safe Body Care Brand.

Meet Uni, the Zero-Waste Body Care Brand That Wants to Shake Up the Industry–And Save Our Oceans.
Uni Wants to Completely Remove Plastic Packaging from Your Home.
Meet Uni, the Newest Bodycare Brand That’s Bringing You a Full System of Vitamin-Packed Washes, Serums, and Haircare Essentials to Keep You Hydrated and Looking Fresh.
Replacing Silicone and Sulfates with Red Algae and Plum in the Hair- and Skin-Care Products.
Uni Beauty’s Sustainable Product Line Delivers Facial-Grade Skin Care to Your Shower Routine.