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Uni Cyclability is our framework for how we think & act. It guides us in our goal to set new standards
for the industry & creating a better future together.

The Uni Cycle

Uni Cyclability designs with the end in mind. Considering the entire lifecycle of every element that goes into making our products.


Modular Design 

By separating the dispenser from the bottle, Uni creates a simple yet effective modular system that is more sustainable.


Closed Loop

Uni products are designed to be reused and recycled. Reducing the use of virgin materials and minimizing impact.



Uni products don’t include ingredients on the HEL list. Ensuring no Uni ingredients are harmful to land or sea.


Green Chemistry

Green chemistry is the essential practice of creating high performance formulations from safe and sustainable ingredients.


Upcycled Ingredients

Uni is always searching for new and innovative ways to turn a byproduct into a product, reducing industry waste and impact.



Uni gives you all of the information to make informed decisions about what you use on your body.

Uni is Reef-Safe

  • Our products contain
    0 reef-harming ingredients.
  • Our refillable system eliminates the need for single-use plastic.
  • For every Uni product sold online,
    Uni contributes 1% of sales to coral restoration.

Coral reefs cover less than
of the sea floor

but their ecosystems are the source of more than half of earth’s oxygen.

Currently, the personal care industry contributes 1/3 of all single-use plastic in our oceans & landfills.

Our coral reefs are
an endangered species.

Scientist estimate that by 2050 all coral reefs could be gone if nothing changes.

Climate Neutral Now

  • Through the United Nations Climate Neutral Now initiative, Uni is proudly carbon neutral from day 1.

Creating a better standard means better measurement, better accountability, and better actions.


Uni tracks and reports its entire carbon footprint from source to skin.


Uni works with certified 3rd party assessors to lower or eliminate our carbon outputs.


Uni supports verified carbon offset projects to bring our total footprint to zero.

Meet Uni, the Zero-Waste Body Care Brand That Wants to Shake Up the Industry–And Save Our Oceans.
Uni Wants to Completely Remove Plastic Packaging from Your Home.
Meet Uni, the Newest Bodycare Brand That’s Bringing You a Full System of Vitamin-Packed Washes, Serums, and Haircare Essentials to Keep You Hydrated and Looking Fresh.
Replacing Silicone and Sulfates with Red Algae and Plum in the Hair- and Skin-Care Products.
Uni Beauty’s Sustainable Product Line Delivers Facial-Grade Skin Care to Your Shower Routine.