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Mini Body Serum
Mini Body Serum
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Blue Beauty

Blue Beauty is how we think and act. We’ve created a new set of standards for the industry in order to build a better future together.

Packaging: A Capture & Reuse System

Through our proprietary closed-loop system, all Uni refill bottles can be returned to be washed and refilled. Or placed in any recycling bin.

All Uni refill bottles are
Made from 100% recycled aluminum, 
100% recyclable
100% refillable 

Our cartons, inserts, & shippers 
are made from
100% FSC Certified paper

Ingredients: Skin, Land & Reef Safe

Uni’s skincare ingredients work to keep your skin in a hydrated, healthy and balanced state. Our “no” list is comprehensive and extensive to ensure that we included only skin-safe ingredients, even beyond the ubiquitous checklists.

Green chemistry is the essential practice of creating high performance formulations from safe and sustainable ingredients. By mixing upcycled, organic, natural, and biotech ingredients, we focus on what performs on the highest level (backed by science) and leaves the smallest impact on our planet (backed by research).

Upcycled ingredients:
When possible, we use upcycled olive oil in many of our products.

Sustainably farmed:
All marine ingredients come from sustainably farmed sources.

Visit our ingredient checklist to learn more about our philosophy.

Climate: Carbon Neutral

Uni is committed to measuring, reducing, compensating for, and reporting on business-related emissions annually. 

Through the United Nations Climate Neutral Now initiative, Uni is proudly carbon neutral from day 1.

Give Back: Coral Restoration Program

Actively repairing the damage done by the personal care industry, Uni donates 1% of all online sales to coral restoration. 

We have partnered with Coral Gardeners, an organization working to save the world’s coral reefs through active restoration efforts, community awareness, innovation and science. 

Visit the 2022 Coral Gardeners Impact Report to learn more about their contribution.

Meet Uni, the Zero-Waste Body Care Brand That Wants to Shake Up the Industry–And Save Our Oceans.
Uni Wants to Completely Remove Plastic Packaging from Your Home.
Meet Uni, the Newest Bodycare Brand That’s Bringing You a Full System of Vitamin-Packed Washes, Serums, and Haircare Essentials to Keep You Hydrated and Looking Fresh.
Replacing Silicone and Sulfates with Red Algae and Plum in the Hair- and Skin-Care Products.
Uni Beauty’s Sustainable Product Line Delivers Facial-Grade Skin Care to Your Shower Routine.